"Mitla Pass" (used book)

"Mitla Pass" (used book)

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Mitla Pass

by Leon Uris


About the book

Used book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good condition.


With  unequaled power and overwhelming emotion, Leon Uris gives us Mitla Pass, the impassioned story of Gideon Zadok, a modern man trapped by his own contradictions: ambition and fear; desire and obligation; the past and his future. Woven into a tapestry of voices – Gideon’s, his family’s, his wife’s and friends’ – Uris takes us from the pogrom-cursed Russian Shtetls to the American dream; from Hollywood in its heyday to the new state of Israel in 1956.

Gideon Zadok, gifted young author of a successful World War II novel, succumbs to the lure of Hollywood and all but destroys himself. Desperate to resurrect his career as a novelist, he travels to Israel, the proverbial Promised Land, determined to find material for a new book. There he also finds Natasha Solomon, a survivor of the Holocaust, and her disturbed passion for him unleashes his own smoldering desires. Torn by love for his wife, who supposed him throughout his early years of failure and rejection, and the uncontrollable lust of his new soulmate, Gideon must come to grips with the frightening power of love-hate. On the eve of the ’56 Sinai War, Gideon evacuates his family, leaves Natasha, and joins the Israeli forces. He is parachuted to the key junction of Mitla Pass, deep behind enemy lines. With the sounds of battle in the background, Gideon wages a war no less violent within himself.

Breathtaking in scope, painfully human, and alive with earthy humour, Mitla Pass is the masterwork of one of our greatest novelists