"The White Guns" (used book)

"The White Guns" (used book)

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The White Guns

by Douglas Reeman


About the book

Used book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good condition.


From the supreme storyteller of the sea comes an enthralling new adventure set at the devastating time just after the Second World War, when the once fearsome German naval harbours lie in ruins.

VE-Day, 1945 – a time of rejoicing and disbelief for Britain and her allies, but for many of the victors, also a time of tensions and suspicion.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the great harbor and naval base at Kiel, where Lieutenant Vere Marriott, in command of his own small motor gunboat, is stunned by the enormity of the task awaiting the occupying forces and the surrendered Germans, and torn by his conflicting emotions. Only days before, the men of MGB 801 had been expected to put to sea in all weathers, risking their lives against a ruthless enemy, seeing ships destroyed, and friends pay the price of courage.

Now, face to face with their old adversary, Marriott and his crew discover that there is more to victory than survival, and out of the devastation and mistrust there begins to emerge a fresh understanding, compassion where there had bene only hatred.

A few are unchanged by events, for as in all wars there are cheats and the opportunist, the cowards as well as the brave. For them Kiel offers every chance to exploit a starving population.

And for Marriott, from the ashes of war arises an unlikely and unexpected love, without which victory, and sacrifice, would have no meaning.

The White guns is a towering novel filled with exciting action scenes and stirring human drama. Told with such power and with a wealth of authentic detail, it is Douglas Reeman at his unsurpassable best.