"Plank-On-Frame Models and Scale Masting & Rigging Volume 2" (used book)

"Plank-On-Frame Models and Scale Masting & Rigging Volume 2" (used book)

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Plank-On-Frame Models and Scale Masting & Rigging Volume 2

by Harold A, Underhill


About the Book

Used Book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good condition.

-- From the dust jacket

 Many otherwise good models have been spoiled by poor mast and spar making, particularly with regard to fittings and “ironwork”, which latter is often reduced to the “bent wire” or even string-binding quality. There is no reason why this should be, since the properly “built” mast and its “ironwork” are well within the range of the man who has already built a first-class hull, and more than justify the work involved, not to mention the interest and entertainment to be obtained from it.

In Vol.1 has been described the building of scale hulls which follow full-size practice throughout their construction, as well as alternative with simplified internal work although still perfect replicas externally. Such models deserve equally true masting and rigging, and the first portion of this volume is devoted to really scale mast and spar construction, together with proper “ironwork”.

Models intended for sailing fall into a different category, since in them the principal aim should be to produce a hull light enough to carry sail on scale hull proportions. In the Author’s view, the deep fin keels often seen on sailing models should not be necessary providing the hull construction is light enough to allow sufficient ballast to be carried. The building of such hulls forms part of this present volume, as well as plank-built hulls for working models of wooden power craft of the round-bilge type.

Clinker-built craft have been modelled in various ways, such as carving from the solid to produce a thin shell on which planking is overlaid, or with the “strakes” carved as part of the shell. There is, however, much satisfaction to be obtained from true “clinker-building”, strake by strake, as with a full size vessel, a form of construction which the Author has used in both large and small scales, and which is described and illustrated in this volume. The Author has always held the view that in all model work the real pleasure should be in the making and not merely in seeing the finished product, therefore the closers one’s work follows full-size practice the greater the entertainment and pleasure obtained from it, and it is from this angle that both this and Volume I have been written.