"Admirals in Collision" (used book)

"Admirals in Collision" (used book)

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Admirals in Collision

by Richard Hough


About the Book

Used Book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Library copy. Fair condition.

-- from the dust jacket

Admirals in Collision is the story of one of the most curious catastrophes in the annals of the British Navy – the head-on collision of the Victoria and the Camperdown, the flagships of the first and second squadrons of the Mediterranean Fleet. The disaster happened during a routine manoeuvre off the Syrian coast on a calm, sunny afternoon in June 1893. H.M.S. Victoria sank almost instantaneously. Four hundred lives were lost, including that of the fleet commander, Vice-Admiral Sir George Tryon, and the professional life of another man – Rear-Admiral Albert Hastings Markham – was ruined. It was an ironic ending to a relationship of mutual rivalry and antagonism which had lasted for five years. The tragedy of H.M.S. Victoria ranks with the riddle of the Marie Celeste and the Titanic disaster as one of the insoluble enigmas of naval history. Instead of attempting the impossible by trying to solve it, the author of this book has shown how the contrasting backgrounds, personalities and careers of the two –admirals in collision’ can lead to several possible conclusions.