"Cape Breton Ships and Men" (used book)

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Cape Breton Ships and Men

by John P. Parker MBE / Master Mariner


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This is the story of the sailors, shipbuilders and vessels that made Cape Breton Island one of Canada’s leading seafaring centres. Most of the settlers in Cape Breton were Scottish, many of them fishermen, and with plentiful stands of virgin lumber at hand and waters abounding in fish it was natural that fishing and boat-building should be among their first enterprises. Sailing vessels plied the waters around Cape Breton Island and the Bras d’Or Lakes well into the twentieth century. In this book Captain John Parker not only describes how the vessels were built and how they were used but recounts some of the most exciting and sometimes tragic episodes involving Cape Breton sailors. Like Captain Parker’s first book Sails of the Maritimes, this book in its hardcover edition quickly became one of the classics of Maritime history. This paperback edition contains the complete text and pictures of the hardcover edition.