"Canada: Our Century: 100 Voices - 500 Visions" (used book)

"Canada: Our Century: 100 Voices - 500 Visions" (used book)

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Canada: Our Century: 100 Voices - 500 Visions

by Mark Kingwell and Christopher Moore


About the book

Used book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Excellent condition.


“A nation, like a life, is a mixture of fact and fantasy, of vivid memories that turn out to be mistaken and keen desires to return to something you never had.” With these provocative words, philosopher and social critic Mark Kingwell introduces this remarkable photographic chronicle of Canada in the 20th Century.

The 500 images and 100 voices in Canada: Our Century take the reader on a decade-by-decade journey that begins when Canada was an infant society struggling to define itself. It ends on the eve of the millennium with Canada a dynamic and modern country that is helping to define what it means to live as a nation in the global village. Along the ay it records the historical highs and lows, the cultural twists and turns, the social advances and reverses that have made Canada’s 20th century so extraordinary.

As you turn the pages of this photographic album, you will encounter a series of unforgettable moments, some famous, some obscure: two child laborers cleaning city steps in 1905; a last kiss in 1914 as a soldier heads off to war; a horse leaping from an impossible height at the first annual Calgary Stampede in 1923; a bloodied striker from a Vancouver labour protest in 1938; Wayne and Shuster performing a Hitler sketch at a 1944 Army Show; an exhausted Marilyn Bell being pulled from the water at the end of a marathon swim in 1954; pennant-waving demonstrators on Parliament Hill during the great Flag Debate of 1964; a heroin addict shooting up in 1968; and ashen-faced Pierre Trudeau at the funeral of Pierre Laporte in 1970;p the moment after Paul Henderson’s winning goal in the first Canada-USSR hockey series of 1972; a crooning Brian Mulroney on stage with Ronald Reagan at the Shamrock Summit of 1985; a video grab from the hazing video that brought down the Canadian Airborne Regiment in 1997.

Mesmerizing, moving, and enlightening, Canada: Our Century takes the reader on an extraordinary journey through time and echoes and elaborates upon Sir Wilfrid Laurier’s famous prediction that the “twentieth century shall be the century o f Canada.”