"Destiny By Design: The Construction of the Panama Canal" (used book)

"Destiny By Design: The Construction of the Panama Canal" (used book)

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Destiny By Design: The Construction of the Panama Canal

by Jeremy Sherman Snapp


About the book

Used book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good condition. Possible fading to the cover.


From the dust jacket --

THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE PANAMA CANAL was one of the great engineering feats of the early twentieth century. In the 1880s, the French attempted to build a canal, which led to the loss of many lives and the bankruptcy of Compagnie Universelle when the challenges of construction and tropical disease stymied the efforts of the engineer, Ferdinand de Lesseps. Fifteen years later, after many years of political manoeuvring, an American construction team embarked on an ingenious plan that would establish a water passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific while meeting the defense criteria of the US military.

By 1912 the construction phase was advanced to the point where it was clear human will and endeavour would over come all-natural barriers the isthmus had offered. Victory was but a matter of time when Gerald F. Sherman brought his cameral to Panama.