"Gaff Rig" (used book)

"Gaff Rig" (used book)

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"Gaff Rig" (second edition)

by John Leather


About the book

Used book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good condition


Since first publication in 1970 Gaff Rig has delighted enthusiasts in many countries, reflecting the continuing growth of interest in craft of traditional form and rig; a trend which has developed steadily since the early 1960s. This international desire for experience of and association with craft and rigs of the past has become a fast growing part of sailing for pleasure.

John Leather’s story of gaff rig is exciting, romantic and often reveals unusual aspects of seafaring. The rig was dominant over a large part of the sailing world for 250 years until it was displaced in yachts by the Bermudian rig with its superior windward performance. This definitive study describes the practical aspects of the rig in its many forms and presents a history of gaff rigged craft and the men who built and sailed them.

New chapters on some of the many types of gaff rigged vessel from Denmark and France have been added in response to the vigorous restoration and new building of traditional craft in those countries. Many drawings and plans complement the text and the fifty photographs represent a unique historic collection.