"Battleships and Carriers" (used book)

"Battleships and Carriers" (used book)

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Battleships and Carriers

by Steve Crawford


About the book

Used book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Excellent condition. Some residue on the front cover.


From the dust jacket –

Battleships and Carriers contains 300 of the most important and infludential capital ships to have sailed the seas since the age of sail. These include such famous battleships as the Admiral Graf Spee, Bismarck, Iowa, and Dreadnought. The book also includes the greatest aircraft carriers that served during World Wars I and II, and those that are still in service, fighting vessels such as the Hermes, George Washington, Enterprise, and Arc Royal.


Each of the 300 vessels featured in Battleships and Carriers is illustrated with the aid of a superb side-view artwork. In addition, the artwork is accompanied by a detailed specifications table giving displacement, dimensions, performance, date of launch and armament, plus accompanying text that summarises the career of the ship and its eventual fate.