"Battleships" (used book)

"Battleships" (used book)

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by Antony Preston


About the Book

Used book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good condition


-- From the dust jacket

"The battleship dominated the oceans for less than a century but she has left a magnificent legacy of action and power. From Jutland to Leyte Gulf and the shores of Vietnam, the mighty squadrons of dreadnoughts have epitomized naval power, even after the disasters which showed how vulnerable they could be.

The dreadnought was in her day the most complex mobile creation of mankind. She developed from the ship-of-line into the line-of-battleship, through the technological earthquake which ushered in iron plating, explosive shells and steam propulsion within the space of only 10 years. As the most advanced expensive ship of the time she could only be built by the leading nations and the threat of the battleships’ guns was a potent political instrument: a nation’s strength was reckoned by the number of its battleships. The story of the race between the nations following World War I takes us to the ultimate battleships, the gigantic Yamato and Musashi, which had 18-inch guns and 24-inch armor. Yet inevitably as the battleship reached its apogee, its despised rival the aircraft carrier usurped its position as a capital ship. Within six months of the outbreak of World War II the US Pacific Fleet had been badly crippled, the Prince of Wales and Repulse had been sunk and the Battle of Midway had been fought, proving that battleships could be destroyed with impunity by aircraft. Although the myth of the battleship has been destroyed she still had a part of play: battleships fought off Korea and in 1967 the USS New Jersey played her swansong off Vietnam.

Written by Antony Preston, author of more than ten books on naval history, Battleships, with cutaway illustrations and some 250 maps and photographs in black and white and in colour, will prove to be of lasting value to all those interested in ships and the war at sea."