"Battleships" (used book)

"Battleships" (used book)

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by Antony Preston


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Used Book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good Condition.

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For nearly a century, the battleship was the embodiment of national power and prestige. The dreadnought in her day was a marvel of naval engineering and the most complex weapon of war ever built. In the space of little more than a decade the wooden ship-of-the-line, which had dominated the oceans for centuries, was rendered obsolete by the battleship. The combination of iron plating, explosive shells and steam propulsion created an apparently invulnerable warship.

The myth of the battleship, established during the naval arms race, was tarnished, if not completely shattered, at the Battle of Jutland. This action was indecisive despite heavy losses in ships and men. Yet the battleship continued to dominate the world’s major navies between the wars and reached the peak of its development in the Japanese leviathans Yamato and Musashi. The early battles in the Pacific during World War II, showed that the aircraft carrier had usurped the battleship’s position as the capital ship. Nevertheless battleships continued to perform useful work throughout World War II and beyond, seeing action off Korea and South Vietnam. It even has a place in current US Navy plans as a cruise-missile carrier.

Battleship is written by Antony Preston, one of Britain’s foremost naval historians. Illustrated with more than 100 black and white and color pictures, this book will appeal to anyone with an interest in ships and the sea and especially to the naval war buff.