"British Columbia - Yukon: Sternwheel Days" (used book)

"British Columbia - Yukon: Sternwheel Days" (used book)

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British Columbia - Yukon: Sternwheel Days

by Art Downs


About the book

Used book. Paperback. Good Condition

“This amazing saga dawned in B.C. during the 1858 Fraser River gold rush – a flamboyant era of liquor by the barrel and gold by the ton; of owners wealthy on week, bankrupt the next; of wedged safety valves and murderous boiler explosions; of vessels summarized by a skipper that while she “…may do well for passengers, I wouldn’t trust treasure in her.”

Nevertheless, over 300 sternwheelers were to play B.C.-Yukon waters, a record matched nowhere else in North America. Among lakes which echoed their shrill whistle were Kootenay, Arrow, Okanagan, Laberge and Atlin; rapid-torn rivers they challenged included Fraser, Yukon, Columbia, Thompson, Kootenay and Skeena; amazingly, they even left wakes on storm-tossed ocean waters from Georgia Strait north to Alaska, then into the Bearing Sea.

Despite being ripped open in rapids, gutted by fires, swamped in storms, crushed by ice and torn apart by boiler explosions, they served where needed and for as long as required – 100 years.”