"Canada and the Irish Question: 1867 - Present" (used book)

"Canada and the Irish Question: 1867 - Present" (used book)

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Canada and the Irish Question: 1867 - Present

by Philip James Currie


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Canada and the Irish Question, 1867 – Present examines the political and cultural factors affecting Canadian interest in Irish politics since confederation. It presents the leading personalities and organizations involved in advancing the nationalist and unionist causes in Canada. What was the nature of Irish nationalism’s appeal in Canada? Who were its main advocates and opponents? What accounted for its appeal, and for its relative decline?

These, and many other questions, are addressed in this important book. Most importantly, it shows that the Irish Question in Canada was about a good deal more than Ireland. It was bout Canada itself. It was about Canadian identity, Canadian principles, and the making of Canadian careers. It was about the nature of the empire to which Canada belonged, and the relationships between English and French in Canada, and between Catholic and Protestant. It was about Canadians’ notions of their country’s place in the world, and their notions of government.