"Canajan, Eh?" (used book)

"Canajan, Eh?" (used book)

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Canajan, Eh?

by Mark M. Orkin


About the Book

Used Book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good condition. Some tearing to the dust jacket.

-- from the dust jacket

What is a Canadian? How do you spot him in a crowd of Americans? According to Mark Orkin, it’s quite simple. Merely listen. You will hear the Canadian talking a peculiar language. It’s not English and it’s not American. It’s called Canajan and if you listen closely you will discover it indicates a great deal about the customs, history and culture of the people who speak it.

Orkin, for example, points out that no true Canajan can exist without “the great Canajan monosyllable”. “Eh” takes all Canajans comfortably through life, and in this glossary of the Canajan language the auth9or wittily explains the twenty different uses for “eh” in conversation. The reader is also treated to a hilarious sidelong view of Canada’s historical figures and politicians irreverently illustrated by artist Isaac Bickerstaff.

Here’s a book for all Canajans suffering an identity crisis. Read it and discover just what a Canajan means when he says:

Bling Yule – Cent – Con Nendal – Forner – Moundies – Oncommitted – Paul Ticks – Mints – Nash Null Yewnty – Oddum – Peradize and Ziff.