"Desolation Island" (used book)

"Desolation Island" (used book)

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Desolation Island

by Patrick O'Brian


About the Book

Used Book. Paperback. Fair Condition. Creasing and scuffing to the cover.

-- From the back

Commissioned to rescue Governor Bligh of Bounty fame, Captain Jack Aubrey and his friend and surgeon Stephen Maturin sail the Leopard to Australia with a hold full of convicts. Among them is a beautiful and dangerous spy - and a treacherous disease which decimates the crew.

The ingredients of a wonderfully powerful and dramatic O’Brian novel re heightened by descriptive writing of rare quality. Nowhere in contemporary prose has the majesty and terror of the sea been more effectively rendered than in the thrilling chase through and Antarctic storm in which Jack’s hip, under-manned and out-gunned, is the quarry not the hunter.