"Duel Between the First Ironclads" (used book)

"Duel Between the First Ironclads" (used book)

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Duel Between the First Ironclads

by William C. Davis


About the book

Used book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Excellent condition.


One was called “a tin can on a shingle,” the other “a half submerged crocodile.” And yet, on a March day in 1862, in Hampton Roads, Virginia, after a five hour duel, these two ships were to change the course not only of America’s Civil War but of naval warfare forever. The ships were the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia (formerly the USS Merrimack). History knows this epic clash best as the battle between the Monitor and the “Merrimack” and, in this book, the author thoroughly documents and analyzes this famous duel, based on letters, diaries, and memoirs of men who lived through the battle itself and of those who witnessed it from afar. What Mr. Davis has achieved here is the first full scale history of the first two “modern” armoured warships.