"England's Sea-Officers: The Story of the Naval Profession" (used book)

"England's Sea-Officers: The Story of the Naval Profession" (used book)

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England's Sea-Officers: The Story of the Naval Profession

by Michael Lewis


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Used Book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Fair condition. Light damage and tearing to the dust jacket. Yellowing of the pages.

-- from the dust jacket

The officers of the “Silent Service,” as a body, have hitherto had no biographer: but they have found one now in the Professor of History at Greenwich, the University of the Navy. England’s Sea-Officers is the story of the Naval Profession, its origins, and its growth from earliest times to the present day. Its heroes are not individuals like Nelson and Blake, but the Admiral, the Captain and the Lieutenant, the Engineer, the Surgeon, the Chaplain, the Paymaster, etc. It reveals the whole English process of creation in all its fascinating illogically. We see the machine being built up cog by cog, as the ranks and branches – even the Admiralty itself – develop through the centuries, not on any preconceived plan, but simply to meet the Nation’s and the Service’s needs as they arose; and our peculiar genius “muddles through” as usual, to acquire a product which is admittedly the finest of its kind in the world – the modern Naval Officer.