"Five Sea Captains" (used book)
"Five Sea Captains" (used book)
"Five Sea Captains" (used book)

"Five Sea Captains" (used book)

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Five Sea Captains

edited by Walter Teller


About the Book

Used Book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good condition. Tears in the dust jacket.

-- From the dust jacket

Good writing and rich Americana abound in Five Sea Captains. Walter Teller, who has already won distinction with his The Search for Captain Slocum and The Voyages of Joshua Slocum, has new extended his interest in the part seafaring men played in expanding American experience to include, together with another of the sagas by the inimitable Captain Slocum, the accounts of the voyages of four other mariners, related in their own virtually unknown and practically unobtainable writings: Captain Richard Cleveland, Captain George Coggeshall, Captain Amasa Delano, and Captain Edmund Fanning.

In selecting the writings of these five nineteenth century skippers, Walter Teller has brought together the first representative collection of the works of the great race of New England sea-captain writers. In his introductory essay, Mr. Teller examines the historical background in which these seafarers living and sailed and wrote, and also throws light on the place, deeply imbedded in our literary tradition of the sailor-writer.

As Mr. Teller says in his introduction, “They prospered with an expanding American-flag merchant marine, declined when the new West got in the saddle, and disappeared entirely with the end of the age of the sail.”

This is exciting and adventurous reading for lovers of sea stories. It is also a new and interesting exploration of one segment of American literature too much neglected.