"Full Line, Full Away: A Towboat Master's Story" (used book)

"Full Line, Full Away: A Towboat Master's Story" (used book)

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Full Line, Full Away: A Towboat Master's Story

by James E. "Ted" Wilson with S.C. Heal


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Used book. Paperback, Good condition. Inscription to original owner inside.


from the back --

This is the story of James E. “Ted” Wilson, written in co-operation with marine author S.C. Heal. Captain Wilson went to his first seagoing job as a deckboy out of Victoria, at the early age of 14, in 1933. His colourful career saw him working his way through the ranks in British Columbia coast towboats from deckhand to mate and eventually as a licensed master.

There were both amusing and interesting incidents, like dealing with the lady of the night aboard a C.N. coastal liner, the efforts of a towboat crew to tow away a hotel, the barking dog which became a navigation aid, the Liberty ship which tried to tow the captain’s tug under, and the ghosts of Cape Scott.

Captain Wilson was employed by a small and large companies during this career, but the highlighted for him, were the eleven successful years he enjoyed running his own company, Dola Towing Ltd. And his years with Island Tug & Barge Ltd. He was a witness from within to the process of corporate marriage with Vancouver Tug Boat Company, which led to the formation of the biggest towboat company in the industry, Seaspan International Ltd.

His story is laced with amusing incidents, anecdotes and a variety of comments and descriptions of towboat practices which give an insight into the working and domestic life of the B.C. towboatman. It covers the period of greatest growth and expansion in the industry from the end of the second world war to recent times and his own career culminated in his appointment as port captain for Seaspan. This job led him into many aspects of towboating which are seldom seen by the public including ocean collisions and the litigation which followed. He retired in 1983

This is a book for readers interested in the sea, marine experiences and the B.C. towboat industry. Considering the importance of the towboat industry as the sea highway of B.C. coast, it is remarkable how little has been written in book form. It is believed that this is the first such full account from a serving towboat master.