"Great Sea Battles" (used book)

"Great Sea Battles" (used book)

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Great Sea Battles

by Oliver Warner


About the book

Used book. Hardcover. Dust jacket includd. Good condition.


Four centuries of greart courage and magnificent daring, of ships in victory and defeat on the oceans of te4h world – this is the romantic subject of Great Sea Battles. From slave galleys and sailing ships to iron-clads and aircraft carriers, this is a rich canvas of naval history, stamped with the personalities of the great commanders – Drake, Tromp, Howe, Nelson, Graf von Spee, and many others – and brilliantly illustrated with an extraordinary wealth of pictorial material.

The strategy and tactics, the freaks of wind and weather, which decided 26 famous battles from Lepanto (1571) and the Armada (1588), to Chesapeake Bay (1781), Trafalgar (1805), Mobile (1864), Jutland (1916) and Midway (1942) are recounted in vivid style by celebrated naval historian, Oliver Warner. He assesses the historical importance of each battle and the political repercussions in the countries involved.

Nelson ‘turned a blind eye’ at Copenhagen; the surrender of the Rock of Gibraltar to a combined British and Dutch fleet under Sir George Rooke; the bizarre fight between the Monitor and the Merrimac in Hampton Roads – such incidents leap to life in this dramatic book.

From museums, art galleries, naval societies and institutions of many nations has been gathered a breathtaking collection of paintings by famous marine artists, as well as sketches, drawings, photographs, maps and diagrams, many specially prepared for this book.