"High Seas High Risk: The Story of the Sudburys" (used book)

"High Seas High Risk: The Story of the Sudburys" (used book)

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High Seas High Risk: The Story of the Sudburys

by Pat Wastell Norris


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Used Book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Excellent Condition.

-- from the dust jacket

Black letters an inch and a half high blared “One of the great feats of the sea!” “Harbour howls, hoots wild welcome as Sudbury ends epic salvage tow!” It was December 1955 and the storm-beset rescue of the disabled freighter Makedonia by the Victoria salvage tug Sudbury made headlines around the seafaring world. Year after year the drama would be repeated as armchair sailors avidly read reports of the Sudbury and the Sudbury II towing their charges through typhoons, pulling them off pinnacles of rock, fighting their fires and keeping them afloat with batteries of pumps. Then the reports ceased, and by the 1990s it was as if none of it ever happened.

High Seas, High Risk is the inspiring saga of two BC-based salvage tugs that became world famous for their deep-sea rescues and long distance towing feats. More than that, it uncovers a story never before told, about the Sudburys’ owner Harold Elworthy, a boy who started with nothing and became a maritime giant, and his hand-picked crews who rose to the awesome challenge of their calling and performed spectacular salvage operations as a matter of course. High Seas, High Risk is a thrilling maritime adventure story that offers unique insight into the colourful towboat industry.