"HMCS Swansea: Th eLife and Times of a Frigate" (used book)

"HMCS Swansea: Th eLife and Times of a Frigate" (used book)

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HMCS Swansea: The Life and Times of a Frigate

by Fraser M. McKee


About the book

Used book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good condition.


HMCS SWANSEA is the story of a ship. Just one of Canada’s several hundred warships. It is also the story of the men who served in her, and of other ships who operated with her, in wartime in EG-9, and in peacetime in her various training roles. It is a representative tale that could have been told, and has been, of any one of a hundred similar ships of the Royal Canadian Navy.

So why this particular ship? Because HMCS Swansea is typical, yet atypical. Typical in that she participated in the Battle of the Atlantic in the same way as her sister frigates, atypical in that she was involved in the destruction of four U-boats, more than any other RCN ship. And it was in this role of hunter-killer that she was absolutely the best.

Those who served in Swansea remember her with affection; she generated, and for some still generates, much joy, remembrance, and even love. All think of her as their ship.