"Jutland 1916" (used book)

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Jutland 1916

by John Costello and Terry Hughes


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On the afternoon of 31 May 1916, Imperial Germany’s High Seas Fleet confronted the full might of the British Grand Fleet. More than 250 ships fought through the evening and the night to resolve a twenty-year naval rivalry in the grey wastes of the North Sea.

For over 50 years historians and sailors have argued about who won the Battle of Jutland. Now John Costello and Terry Hughes, bestselling authors of D-Day, tell the dramatic story of Jutland, using official sources, eyewitness accounts and contemporary photographs, and ask what really happened. Was Winston Churchill responsible for the disastrous loss of three British battle cruisers? Did the German C-in-c, Admiral Scheer, lose his head and place his fleet at mortal risk? Was the British Commander-in-Chief let down by his impetuous subordinate, Admiral Beatty? Costello and Hughes form their own startling conclusions about the titanic clash that became known as the greatest naval battle in history.