"Let There Be Light with Woodblock Prints"

"Let There Be Light with Woodblock Prints"

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Let There Be Light with Woodblock Prints

by Graham A. Scholes


About the book

This book is my journey to the lighthouses of BC. It was the subject of choice while I was learning the ancient art of Moku Hanga from a Japanese printmaker. It was then I decided to create woodblock prints of all the lighthouses on the Coast of British Columbia. These seaside icons have a fascination for many and I  had the need to record the structure that belongs to history. I decided that the background and foreground belong to me and my creative bent. My observations and discussion with the keepers offered interesting antidotes that I wanted to tell and express my visions of the subjects.


Art melds the eye’s image, the mind’s interpretation, and the emotions of one’s-self to be an intrinsic part of creating a visual statement stimulating a dialogue.