"Men Ships and the Sea" (used book)

"Men Ships and the Sea" (used book)

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Men Ships and the Sea

by Capt. Alan Villiers


About the Book

Used Book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good condition. Tearing to the dust cover.

-- From the dust jacket

“White sails fell in ordered folds to tauten in the morning wind, curving between the golden yards. Fore-and-afters sang aloft with a jangle of hanks. The main deck swarmed with boys heaving and hauling as  yellow cordage snaked through a hundred blocks. From the bare bones of her masts and yards she achieved graceful, sail-clad beauty, standing seaward, swinging in the summer sun.”

Thus, with cherished detail, Capt. Alan Villiers takes you to sea in the pages of this rich and stirring book. From the raft that freed primitive man from the fetters of the land down to the nuclear ship that opens new horizons to questing mankind, you follow the development of ships and the cultures they nourished.

Athenian galleys stem the Persian tide at Salamis. Roman round ships ply waterways of empire. Viking dragon ships transport men bent on plunder. Columbus drives westward: “Day after day the little ships stumbled on, rolling, creaking, slowly pitching, cordage, chafing…” Towering galleons of the Spanish Armada roll ominously up the English Channel. With Nelson at Trafalgar you pace Victory’s deck while broadsides roar.

Captain Villiers, who has sailed the seas in Arab dhows, in square-riggers, in World War II landing craft, and in the Nuclear Ship Savannah, has packed these 436 pages with narratives as fresh as an easterly, pulsing with adventure.

Learn how pharaohs built their ships; how the steering oar evolved into the rudder; how mariners navigate and seamen live under sail and steam. Glimpse ships of the future, and the undersea world revealed by daring oceanographers. Let yachtsman Carleton Mitchell show you how to choose, sail, and care for your boat – how to be skipper as well as armchair voyager.