"Northwest Legacy: Sail, Steam & Motorships" (used book)

"Northwest Legacy: Sail, Steam & Motorships" (used book)

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Northwest Legacy: Sail, Steam & Motorships

by Jeremy S. Snapp


About the Book

Used Book. First Edition. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good Condition.

-- From the dust jacket

 This Fascinating, unique book spans nearly a century of Pacific Northwest maritime history. Stunning, never-before published photos cover Washington state’s Puget Sound and the Pacific Coast from Oregon to Alaska.

Here you will see ships whose names evoke times past – C.S. Holmes, C.A. Thayer, Wanderer, Roosevelt, San Mateo, Arthur Foss, F.E. Lovejoy, Virginia V, Kalakala – and will walk their decks, explore their engine rooms, visit their wheelhouses, and see the engine rooms, visit their wheelhouses, and see the companies that built and ran them. Large and small sail, steam, and diesel, these vessels helped shape the growing Pacific Northwest. Here are views of working ships – the last of the commercial sailing ships, the little passenger steamers of the renowned Mosquito Fleet, and the inland freighters, tugs, barges, and lightships that were all part of the Northwest legacy.

Over 250 amazing photographs, selected from a treasury of thousands made from 1910 to the present by Jeremy Snapp and his grandfather, John Snapp. Show these working vessels at sea, in shipyards and taking on cargo. Descriptive text recounts what became of many of these vessels. Some ran aground or foundered; others, although in good condition, were simply abandoned. A few had millions spent on their restoration.

Northwest Legacy, makes a priceless contribution to the saga of the sea and the Pacific Northwest.