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"Ocean Liners: The Golden Years - A Pictorial Anthology" (used book)

"Ocean Liners: The Golden Years - A Pictorial Anthology" (used book)

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Ocean Liners: The Golden Years - A Pictorial Anthology

by Rupert Prior


About the Book

Used Book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good Condition.

-- from the dust jacket

“A life that never was on land, and only comes at sea. It’s a cruise!” (Harpers Bazaar, 1934) Now, however rich you are, you will never quite know the frisson of walking up the gangway of a great liners. But OCEAN LINERS: THE GOLDEN YEARS will transport you to that bygone age of speed, elegance and style, allowing you to glimpse inside those mirrored labyrinths, where ingenuity and flamboyance created a gently rolling world of mystery and sudden splendour out of a mental hulk.

This book explores the brief but glorious golden age of the ocean liner. Throughout the last decades of the 19th century, travel by ocean-going vessel became quicker and more reliable as steam power replaced sail power. By the 1880s, great steamships transported passengers in true elegance. Supreme among them was The city of Rome, considered by many to be the most beautiful liner ever built, which boasted lounge walls lined with brocaded silk, floors of parquet and furniture covered in velvet and leather.

From the first triumphant wail of The City of Rome’s siren until the outbreak of World War II, beautiful ship after beautiful ship was launched to indulge the luxury travellers – each one bigger, faster and more opulent than its predecessors. Truly, these were the golden years of the great liners. Before the jet engine made seaborne travel an unaffordable luxury, shipping lines vied for supremacy on the oceans of the world. The imaginations of interior designers were given a free rein in the pursuit of ever-greater luxury, creating floating palaces that became benchmarks of style in an age of glamour. If one could afford the fare, one would be borne across oceans as if the resident of a grand hotel – though “the motion of the ship precludes carrying the older red wines”, as the First Class menu of the Aquitania warned.

Bursting at the seams with fascinating articles and illustrations from the period, OCEAN LINERS: THE GOLDEN YEARS looks at how these palatial greyhounds of the sea were built, at how they performed and at the lifestyle of the passengers lucky enough to voyage to exotic shores in the golden age of sea travel and cruising.