"Ocean Liners" (used book)

"Ocean Liners" (used book)

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Ocean Liners

by Oliver Le Goff


About the book

Used book. Hardcover. No dust jacket. Good condition.


Ocean Liners is a detailed look at nearly fifty fabulous ships that have provided pleasure, practicality, and fascination since the beginning of the century. Included in this colour investigation are the gallant Ile-de-France, the exorbitantly expensive Vaterland and the ill-fated Titanic, Deutschland and Willem-Ruys, as well as quintessential ocean liner of its time, the Queen Mary, which did double duty as a high-speed troop carrier during World War II.

With views of plush interiors and luxurious appointments, this magnificent book gives an insider’s look at the adventure of an ocean crossing on ships of yesteryear, today, and those in development for future use.

Ocean Liners also explores the historical, industrial, and economic conditions which led to the construction of these maritime behemoths and the current technology that is ushering in even more elaborate ship designs for the twenty-first century.