"Outbound from Vancouver: West Coast Maritime Series #6" (used book)

"Outbound from Vancouver: West Coast Maritime Series #6" (used book)

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Outbound from Vancouver: West Coast Maritime Series #6

by S. C. Heal


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Examines the history, the present and the possible future of the British Columbia Marine Transportation industries and their interface with the other primary industries of the coast. In this extension of the original series, a broad account is given of ocean shipping and its partnership with B.C.’s export oriented economy.

Outbound from Vancouver becomes the sixth book in the series. It looks at Vancouver and the smaller ports of B.C. as a distinct shipping market in its own right, generating export cargoes, receiving imports, originating charters, acting as a destination for a great variety of foreign shipping, serviced by a changing force of local branch offices and agencies, who now form a different mix in the Vancouver shipping market. It has become a central operating base for foreign ship owners taking advantage of the Vancouver International Maritime Centre. This account deal with windows of history in the period 1946 to the present era.