"Paasch's Illustrated Marine Dictionary" (used book)

"Paasch's Illustrated Marine Dictionary" (used book)

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Paasch's Illustrated Marine Dictionary

by Captain H. Paasch - 1885


About the book

Used book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Excellent condition.


Captain H Paasch was the first to recognise the complexity and variety in marine vocabulary and technical terminology and the inherent need for a cohesive codification of nautical terms. Equipped with over 35 years of sea faring experience, including commands and a ro0le as a Surveyor to Lloyd’s Register, Paasch sets out, chapter by chapter, an exhaustive explanation of all the principal parts of a ship’s structure and equipment. He describ3s the main types of stem and sailing vessels; wooden and iron hulls; propulsion machinery; anchors and related equipment; masts and spars; standing and running rigging, as well as sails, tackle, blocks, and ropes. He concludes with knots, bends, hitches, and splices and finally provides a listing of standard measurements.

Paasch’s stated intention to describe a ship literally ‘From Keel to Truck’ has been widely applauded as has his provision of all equivalent terms in French and German in addition to English. Each section is accompanied by a multitude of lines illustrations of the highest quality. Set out over 85 pages, these line eng4ravings serve to quality the copious multi-lingual verbal descriptions.