"Pacific Tugboats: Parade of Tugs, Ships and Men" (used book)

"Pacific Tugboats: Parade of Tugs, Ships and Men" (used book)

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Pacific Tugboats: Parade of Tugs, Ships and Men

by Gordon Newell and Joe Williamson


About the Book

Used Book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good condition. Some scuffing.

-- From the dust jacket

Between the stout covers of this book lies the story of stout ships…the strong right arms of the merchant fleet. Every Pacific port knows these gallant work boats by sight but not always by exploit. Here is fifty years of nostalgic drama and color in tugboat operation on Pacific waters.

For instance, there are accounts of famous tugs and famous tows and tales told in the galleys when the crews are “mugging up”. On every page the ties of the past ebb and flow with memorable sea scenes and water front action for old hands to remember and young ones to view with wonder…rescues, salvages, historic events and unforgettable personalities.