"Report From #24" (used book)

"Report From #24" (used book)

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Report From #24

by Gunnar Sonsteby


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From the back --

When Hitler’s brutal invasion shattered Norway’s peace of one hundred years, Gunnar Sonsteby wanted to fight the Germans but he wasn’t sure he could go: he was afraid his employer would not give him time off from work.

This timid youth was destined to become the legendary “No.24”, whose exploits earned the highest honors his government could bestow when it was restored after World War II.

Report From No.24 – a bestseller throughout Europe – is Sonsteby’s own account of his underground activities during the long years of Nazi occupation. He became a master saboteur and raider, the leader of the Oslo Gang, and chief of operations in the Norwegian Resistance Movement. This is a record of organizational sagacity and incredible valor – the chronicle of a man who faced torture and death every day of his life in the bitter years of Hitler’s rule. Yet so modest and matter-of-fact is Sonsteby’s narrative that it stuns the reader when he realizes that he is reading a true story and not a James Bond adventure!

This book is a dazzling tale of one man’s defiant answer to tyranny. More, it is the story of an organization of valiant men and women whose ranks extended from a bakery in Oslo to a peasant’s hut on the Swedish border.

Adolph Hitler unleashed upon the world a fury it had never known before – storm troopers and Gestapo men and panzer divisions and the Luftwaffe; in the final accounting their power was overshadowed by the Resistance determination of mild, pacific men – the quiet but determined heroes of our time…like Gunnar Sonsteby.