"Scale Model Sailing Ships" (used book)

"Scale Model Sailing Ships" (used book)

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Scale Model Sailing Ships

by John Bowen


About the book

Used book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good condition. Library copy.


A beautifully turned out model of a sailing ship is always a source of wonder and envy, but many a newcomer to this fascinating hobby will despair at ever being able to achieve such perfection. This need not be so, for the essential techniques are straightforward and easy to acquire – and one of the easiest ways to learn is from other, more experienced, ship modellers.

In Scale Model Sailing Ships the experience of internationally famous modelmakers has been set down for the benefit of all those aspiring to higher standards. Each contributes a chapter about his chosen field, but all concentrate on three types – the galleon, clipper, and fore-and-aft rigged coaster – as representative of the problems and pitfalls of modelling any sailing ship, whether plank-on-frame, miniature or working.

Over 100 plans and diagrams and 150 photos illustrate chapters on ‘getting started’, hull construction, deck fittings, masting, and rigging scenic miniatures, working models, painting and finishing and flags. A detailed bibliography rounds off a book that must prove useful to anyone seeking to improve his modelmaking skill.