"Ships" (used book)

"Ships" (used book)

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by Enzo Angelucci & Attilio Cucari


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Used Book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good condition

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Man, ships, and the sea – these are the protagonists of an epic that has lasted thirty centuries. Ships traces this fascinating history through the centuries from the tree trunk to the nuclear-propelled ships of today, describing all the most enthralling landmarks in this saga.

Journeys calculated to the last detail or undertaken rashly, famous or virtually unknown expeditions crowned with success or failures all are witnesses to man’s consuming desire to advance, to discover new worlds or to affirm his superiority, to master the oceans and himself.

 This rich 320-page volume brings to life the grest navigators and captains from Eric the Red, Marco Polo, Vasco de Gama, Christopher Columbus to Fracis Drake and Horatio Nelson. And behind these heroes of the great sea adventures were the famous vessels: the pharaoh Sahure’s ship, the Bucintoro, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, the Ark Royal, the Bounty, the Cutty Sark, the Constitution, the Savannah, the Britannic, the Santo Stefano, the Titanic and the aircraft carrier Enterprise. The countries, epochs, civilizations, the gold and spice trade, the zealous spread of religion and scientific research and discovery are dramatically documented.

The sea is still an adventure for the solitary navigator who sets sail to measure himself against the immeasurable and to commune with the sea, an ever-present challenge to man.