"Submarine: A Guided Tour Inside a Nuclear Warship" (used book)

"Submarine: A Guided Tour Inside a Nuclear Warship" (used book)

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Submarine: A Guided Tour Inside a Nuclear Warship

by Tom Clancy


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328 Pages. From Library Journal Best-selling author Clancy's first nonfiction book is a thorough, highly detailed examination of the technology employed by U.S. nuclear attack submarines. After months of lobbying, Clancy was granted security clearance by the navy to board and photograph the nuclear powered USS Miami. Every inch of this state-of-the-art vessel is covered, from the hull, control room, and engine room nuclear reactors to the communications/electronic warfare space and torpedo bays. Clancy shows readers how all the components are made and how they work. Also included is the fascinating history and evolution of submarines and an inside look at life on board, from captain to crew. Much of the information here has only recently been declassified, and Clancy's insightful views on the future of this type of warship in the post-Cold War era are interesting as well. Recommended. -Eric C. Shoaf, Brown Univ. Lib., Providence, R.I. Copyright 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc. From Kirkus Reviews Up periscope! with America's favorite armchair technowarrior, who here, with the cooperation of the Navy, takes readers deeper than they've ever gone inside a nuclear submarine. Clancy's fascination with underseas combat dates back at least as far as his debut novel, the sub-set The Hunt for Red October, and you can sense his pride and excitement as--after a brief but well-informed survey of the history of submarines and of a submariner's training--he takes us aboard the USS Miami, an Improved Los Angeles-class boat berthed at the US Submarine Base in Groton, Connecticut. Those who share Clancy's almost erotic admiration for technology won't be disappointed by the tour: ``It is easy to tell that the Miami is equipped with the Mk 32 VLS system, since it is sitting level in the water, '' he tells us at once, adding that the ``33-foot-diameter hull is.approximately 3 inches thick and composed of HNY-80 high tensile steel. '' But fans of human-interest also will find that's engaging.

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