Nautical Nights Speaker Series: Susan Simmons - October
Nautical Nights Speaker Series: Susan Simmons - October

Nautical Nights Speaker Series: Susan Simmons - October

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Our Nautical Nights Speaker Series programs are delivered in a hybrid model: a in-person event at our 744 Douglas St. location, and a simultaneous Zoom Meeting. After purchasing a Zoom program ticket, you will receive a link for the Zoom Meeting.

In-person or by Zoom, enjoy the Maritime Museum of BC's Nautical Nights Speaker Series. This series focuses on discussion about our unique maritime heritage, culture, and environment! Each month features a new speaker and topic.

Susan Simmons and text regarding her Nautical Nights talk.


Possibilities: How I Went From Barely Walking to Swimming Across the Juan de Fuca Strait

"I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over twenty years ago, I have chosen a lifestyle that manages the disease through physical fitness and diet. My number one form of exercise is swimming and my diet is vegan. Both minimize the stress on my body, making it possible for me to live an active life.

Swimming in the open water provides me with a special kind of freedom. Multiple Sclerosis is a cruel disease. While one of the best ways for me to manage it is to exercise, exercise is also one of the things that can cause me to over heat and potentially lead to damaging attacks. The open water keeps me cool where I am free to exercise.

I wholeheartedly believe everyone is worth the effort it takes to be healthy, and for those of us with disease our first line of defence should be a healthy and fit self."

About the speaker:

"Born and raised in Montreal, Canada I am the daughter of two incredibly loving parents, Barbara and Richard Simmons – they have been married for 57 years and together for 60. I am blessed to have 3 incredible sisters; Laura, Robin and Valerie, and several nieces and nephews, and great nieces and nephews.

I now live in Victoria, Canada with my life partner Ray. We have been together for 25 years. My life is enriched by his presence and the quiet moments we spend together on the water; Ray in his kayak and me swimming.

Ray and I were both child athletes and strongly connected to our families and communities. We value the natural environment, good health and communities."

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As this is an indoor event, as of September 13th the provincial government has mandated that the Maritime Museum of BC will require proof of vaccination. 

By September 13, you must be partially vaccinated.
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