"Tales of the North Atlantic" (used book)

"Tales of the North Atlantic" (used book)

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Tales of the North Atlantic

by Hal Lawrence


About the Book

Used Book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good Condition.

-- From the Dust jacket

“Do we exaggerate when we spin our salty dips? No! We heighten for artistic effect. Did it really happen just that way? Of course it did! And if it didn’t, it should have. Do our memories perhaps become faulty as we all approach seventy, or eighty, or ninety? About what we did last week or last year, maybe, but not about our youth, our glorious youth. And for those of us who survived it was a glorious youth. Despite the gales and the roar of guns and the scream of bombs and the cries of dying men, we were a happy breed.”

On the seventy-fifth anniversary of the formation of the Royal Canadian Navy, Hal Lawrence has written a love story to an occupation he considers “a religion as much as a profession.” Beginning with the creation of Canada’s navy, he writes affectionately of men he has known, of unregretted indiscretions, of unequalled terror, and unrivalled happiness.

A more complete coverage of the unauthorized version of life in the RCN would be hard to find. From the rundown on which sea routes drove men mad to breathtaking accounts of unimaginable bravery, Lawrence, with honest and occasional exasperation, but always with humour and respect, spins a web of naval memories to entangle the reader.