"The Age of Sail: Master Shopbuilders of the Maritimes" (used book)

"The Age of Sail: Master Shopbuilders of the Maritimes" (used book)

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The Age of Sail: Master Shopbuilders of the Maritimes

by Stanley T. Spicer


About the book

Used book. Paperback. Excellent condition


The age of sail in Canada’s Maritime provinces is still remembered for the wealth, adventure, dangers and daring it produced. This book focuses on the most interesting shipbuilders of the region. First published in 2001, The Age of Sail is reproduced here in a new black-and-white edition.

Author Stanley T. Spicer introduces the significant players, such as Joseph Cunard, a leader in timber and shipbuilding in northeastern New Brunswick, and the PEI brokers James Peake and James Yeo, who sold vessels to British buyers. In rural Nova Scotia, families like the Moshers and the Killams made their fortunes on trading vessels that carried goods all over the world. The Age of Sail also describes Samuel Cunard’s early days in shipping in his native Halifax, and today’s application of shipbuilding traditions in the construction of replicas in such historic towns as Lunenburg and Pictou.

Accompanying Stanley T. Spicer’s text are more than 150 illustrations drawn from a wide range of sources. Creating a detailed and in-depth view of some of the master shipbuilders, this book celebrates their legacy.