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"The Battle of Trafalgar" (used book)

"The Battle of Trafalgar" (used book)

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The Battle of Trafalgar

by Paul Davies


About the Book

Used Book. Paperback. Poor condition. Pages loose.

-- From the back

The Battle fought off Cape Trafalgar on October 21st, 1805, was one of the most glorious and decisive victories ever won by the Royal Navy. It put an end once and for all to Napoleon’s threat of invasion, and it also marked both the beginning and the end of an era – the beginning of more than a hundred years of British naval supremacy, and the end of fleet actions fought under sail. It was a victory marred only by the death of the commander-in-chief, the greatest naval officer of his, and perhaps any other age – Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson.

THE BATTLE OF TRAALGAR graphically recreates the events, which culminated in the total destruction of the Combined Franco-Spanish Fleet. It includes portraits of the senior naval officers in both fleets, a stirring account of the battle itself, with many eye-witness reports, and a complete record of all ships taking part – their captains, fire-power and casualties.

Magnificently illustrated with maps, plans and numerous pictures, many in full colour, this book brings vividly to life one of Britain’s greatest moments.