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"The Canadian Naval Chronicle 1939-1945" (used book)

"The Canadian Naval Chronicle 1939-1945" (used book)

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The Canadian Naval Chronicle 1939-1945

by Fraser McKee and Robert Darlington


About the Book

Used Book. First Edition. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Like New.

-- from the dust jacket

This handsome book is a complete record of every ship lost and every success against enemy warships experienced by the Royal Canadian Navy in the Second World War. Intended as a reference book for the general reader as well as the naval interest, it will be a valuable addition to any library. The entries are designed for quick access to the facts combined with an engaging, easy-to-read narrative.

This volume has been carefully researched from original documents and cross-checked with some of the participants, and is supplemented by the most up-to-date research information. It contains tales of great valour and heavy losses; of consummate skill in hunting elusive submarines, and errors in judgement under days of strain and sleeplessness.

It includes the first complete listing of Merchant Navy vessels lost, casualty lists, and a table of U-Boats destroyed by Canadian Air Force squadrons. Each of the 70 ships featured is given a separate history compiled from many research sources, as well as personal memories of the ships from their officers and crew.

The Canadian Naval Chronicle is intended not only a definitive reference on the subject, but as a readable, fascinating story of the Navy and Merchant Navy’s prowess in the face of utmost danger.