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"The Complete Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War II" (used book)

"The Complete Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War II" (used book)

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The Complete Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War II: The Comprehensive Guide to over 1,500 Weapons Systems, including Tanks, Small Arms, Warplanes, Artillery, Ships, and Submarines

edited by Chris Bishop

About the Book

Used Book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Excellent condition.

-- From the dust jacket

What was the armament and crew of the massive German Tiger tank and its Soviet equivalent, the T-34? What was the caliber and effective range of the famous Lee-Enfield bold-action rifle? World War II spawned a massive variety of weapons systems, many complex and confusing, but all fascinating and exciting.

The Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War II is an easy-to-read illustrated compendium of the military hardware – in the air, on the seas, and on the ground – which fought around the globe between 1939 and 1945. Each weapons system is illustrated by a detailed profile artwork, together with a photograph showing it in service. In this way, the reader can compare the German Messerschmitt Me 109 with the British Spitfire and the American Mustang, or the French Char B tank with the German Panther. Accompanying the illustrative material is detailed text that lists each weapon’s service history, the numbers built, and its variants.

When did the Hawker hurricane make its maiden flight? What were the design features of the German battleship Bismarck? What was the role of Japan’s light carriers? The Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War II answers all these questions. In addition, each weapons system has a specifications table that lists performance, dimensions, armament, and crew details for such weapons as the Russian PPsH submachine gun, the Garand rifle, and the Panzer III.

The Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War II contains more than 500 separate items of equipment, ranging in size from combat handguns to massive aircraft carriers, each organized in its generic and national groupings, such as German and Soviet tanks, towed artillery, sniper rifles, cruisers, submarines, and American fighter aircraft.

The Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War II is the most detailed and authoritative compendium of the weapons of mankind’s greatest conflict ever published. It is a must for the military historian, weapons enthusiast, and for all those with an interest in World War II.