"The Corvette Years: The Lower Deck Story" (used book)

"The Corvette Years: The Lower Deck Story" (used book)

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The Corvette Years: The Lower Deck Story

by Edward O'Connor


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This is the story of one of the most critical periods in Canadian naval history as seen by the men from the lower deck. It was a never ending battle of the convoys as the enemy sought to destroy, and the corvettes sought to counter attack and protect the stream of vital supplies from North America and overseas to Britain.

These young men with an average age of 22 years, came from every walk of life. They fought and died alongside their Royal Navy colleagues and men from the Free French and Norwegian navies and when it was ll over those who lived through the experience quietly resumed their civilian lives, while their ships mostly went to the scrap yards.

It ha been said that the corvettes did not win the war, but without them it might well have been lost.