"The Fourth Service: Merchantmen at War 1939-45" (used book)

"The Fourth Service: Merchantmen at War 1939-45" (used book)

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The Fourth Service: Merchantmen at War 1939-45

by John Slader


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From the back –

Here at last is the true story of the merchant fleet during World War II, the non-fighting service in which 32,000 men died yet whose essential role h as never been fully appreciated.

The author, himself a member of the service from 1941-47, relates the stories of merchantmen and their crews with unique insight. From the early days of the war to the day of victory on the Rhine, through Combined Operations in the Mediterranean and at Normandy, the complete operation of the fleet is examined, with vivid accounts of the horrific losses undergone, the heroism of the crews and the sacrifices endured to ensure that Britain received its essential supplies of food, oil and raw materials.

Highly illustrated, this book will be absorbing for the war historian, maritime enthusiast and general reader alike.