"The Frigate Constitution and other Historic Ships" (used book)

"The Frigate Constitution and other Historic Ships" (used book)

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The Frigate Constitution and other Historic Ships

by F. Alexander Magoun


About the book

Used book. Paperback Excellent condition.


The lure and romance of the sea pervade this highly readable nautical classic, renowned for its technical detail and factual data. Written by a distinguished marine historian formerly at MIT the work focuses on famous ships that played a critical role in American history. In addition to the US Frigate Constitution, there are extensive discussions of Viking vessels (especially the Gokstad ship), Columbus’ Santa Maria, the Mayflower, the clipper Flying Cloud, and the fishing schooner Bluenose.

For each ship the author provides thorough, carefully researched details about its lines, sail plans, deck plans and sections, including a wealth of data on dimensions, displacement, draft, sail area, armament, hull and hull fittings, spars and rigging, anchors steering gear, and many other features. Tables of exact measurements, 16 double-page spreads of ships’ plans, and over 100 diagrams, photographs, paintings and engravings will enable model builders to create their own authentic, accurate models of these venerable craft.

Also included are concise summaries of each ship’s history, enlivened with anecdotes, and often direct quotes from ships’ logs, crew members, or passengers. These give a wonderful contemporary flavor to the text. You are there as Columbus averts a mutiny aboard the Santa Maria when his terrified crew wants to turn back; you share the leaky, overcrowded cabins of the Mayflower as the gallant Pilgrim ship braves the stormy North Atlantic; you’re aboard the US Frigate Constitution as she outmaneuvers and outfights a score of British men-of-war during the War of 1812

Long unavailable, this splendid study of a flotilla of history’s most important sailing vessel will especially appeal to model enthusiasts, but will also interest naval architects, marine historians, weekend sailors, armchair adventurers, or anyone who ever thrilled to the stirring sight of a full-rigged clipper flying before the wind.