"The Illustrated History of Canada" (used book)

"The Illustrated History of Canada" (used book)

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The Illustrated History of Canada

edited by Craig Brown


About the Book

Used Book. First Edition. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Excellent Condition.

-- from the dust jacket

This magnificently illustrated book tells the story of Canada from earliest times to the present day, in a single, comprehensive, authoritative volume. The dramatic narrative is taken up in turn by each author, illuminated by historical and contemporary paintings, lithographs, engravings, cartoons, and posters drawn from archives, museums, galleries, and private collections across Canada.

Impressive in its scope and magnitude, rich in anecdote and detail about the men and women whose lives make up our past, The Illustrated History of Canada takes the reader from the days when the early native peoples ranged the land to the political and social ferment of the late twentieth century. This is the story of a dynamic and resilient people, and of how Canada’s unique character has been distinctively shaped by contact with the world since the first meetings of the native peoples with European explorers, adventurers, and seafarers, as well as by the impact of her astonishing landscape and varied climate.

Fascinating and highly readable, The Illustrated History of Canada gives us a sweeping chronicle of the Canadian people – and a splendid portrait of a nation. In brining us face to face with our past, it helps us to understand ourselves, our society, and our world.

The book contains over 300 illustrations, of which 48 are full-page colour plates – a wealth of important new and familiar images, which embellish the narrative and in themselves provide us with a view on history and on the people who have shaped the nation. For easy reference, the book also contains several specially commissioned maps.