"The Killing Time: The German U-Boats 1914-1918" (used book)

"The Killing Time: The German U-Boats 1914-1918" (used book)

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The Killing Time: The German U-Boats 1914-1918

by Edwyn A. Gray


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Used Book. First Edition. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good condition. Scuffing and minor tearing to the dust jacket.

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The Explosion which followed Kapitanleutnant Schweiger’s curt order to fire on the afternoon of 7 May 1915 far exceeded even his most fervid imaginings. For the torpedo which streaked away from U 20 in response to his command sent to the bottom of the sea the liner Lusitania and with her 1,195 innocent men, women and children, many of them citizens of neutral America and the howl of indignation which followed this cold-blooded atrocity resounded throughout the world.

In his earlier book, A Damned Un-English Weapon, Edwyn Gray told the story of the British submarine scene in the First World War. Now he looks at the German side of the picture and in the process raises some very topical moral issues. When two countries are at war is it to be total or limited war and, if the latter, who is to define the limits? The problem was to bedevil the German Submarine Service throughout the First World War as the Kaiser and his Admirals weighed and reweighed the effects of the British blockade against the value of American neutrality and no incident, except perhaps the invasion of Belgium, more clearly defined the problem than the sinking of the Lusitania.

Edwin Gray tells the exciting story of these extraordinarily brave submariners, some like Schweiger, utterly ruthless, others the very paragon of chivalry. Given the facts, the reader is left to make his own judgment as to the ethics of their behaviour in a moral situation remarkably similar to that facing the Americans in Vietnam today.