"The Lore of Sail" (used book)

"The Lore of Sail" (used book)

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The Lore of Sail

by William A. Baker


About the book

Used book. Paperback. Good condition.


From the back --

People have felt the water’s lure since time immemorial. Angry or calm, fresh or salt, benign or dangerous, it has been a constant source of food, transportation, and sport. Sailing ships in particular, with their long and colourful history, have always fascinated sailors and armchair enthusiasts alike. 

This book, written by an international team of maritime experts and beautifully illustrated throughout with line and colour drawing based on painstaking research, is a uniquely comprehensive guide to the details of sailing ships. With chapters on the hull, spars and rigging, the sail and navigation, it will be prized by all lovers of sail.