"The Norman Rockwell Treasury" (used book)

"The Norman Rockwell Treasury" (used book)

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The Norman Rockwell Treasury

by Thomas S. Buechner


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Used Book. Hardcover. Dust Jacket included. Good Condition.

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For more than sixty years, Norman Rockwell’s works have enchanted the public with their clear-eyed, humorous, and accurate picture of the heartland of American life. His covers for the Saturday Evening Post and his World War II series of paintings The Four Freedoms are classics of their kind. Rockwell worked in the tradition of the great artist-commentators of the past – Hogarth, Goya, Rowlandson, Daumier – and, like them, he had the uncanny skill of projecting the tenor of his time.

He portrayed the American dream without resorting to oversentimentality, but with a wryness that gives edge to the charm of his vision.

Thomas S. Buechner, distinguished former director of the Brooklyn Museum, places Rockwell in perspective as an important force in twentieth-century art, and examines his style, technique, and development. The illustrations cover every phase of the artist’s production including his inimitable covers and story illustrations for the Saturday Evening Post, St. Nicholas, Life, Look, Literary Digest, Country Gentleman, and Ramparts. His advertisements, which sold socks and encyclopedia’s, coffee and bicycle tires, fountain pens and oil heaters, light bulbs and insurance, are also here, as are murals, greeting cards, Boy Scout calendars, and illustrations for Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, and the biography of an uncommon thrush named willie. This rich selection provides a panorama of American social history, seen from Rockwell’s enormously popular point of view.

A full index of the works by category helps to make the volume an invaluable addition to the history of American illustration.