"The R.N.V.R.: A Record of Achievement" (used book)

"The R.N.V.R.: A Record of Achievement" (used book)

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The R.N.V.R.: A Record of Achievement

by J. Lennox Kerr and Wilfred Granville


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This is a lively and provocative story of how a small band of amateur volunteers grew into the major part of the world’s greatest navy.

“Volunteer Reserves” existed before the R.N.V.R., but the Royal Navy hardly took them seriously – they could never be part of the senior service. When ultimately the R.N.V.R. was formed, it was due almost entirely to their own efforts.

And excellent account is given of how official prejudice was overcome – of how amateur sailors kept up a constant propaganda for a volunteer naval reserve force in 1903 ridicule, prejudice, and reluctance to admit them into full brotherhood with the Navy persisted. But as training of volunteers improved 9at first they were allowed to do little more than tie a few knows) they won the respect of a professionals. They trained at sea, and took part in fleet exercises.

The authors relate many valorous deeds, and describe the organizational changes during World War I and between the wars. By 1945 the R.N.V.R. was a force the old professional cynics would have found incredible. ‘Amateurs’ were commanding destroyers, large fleet sweepers, and submarines.