"The Romance of Tall Ships" (used book)

"The Romance of Tall Ships" (used book)

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The Romance of Tall Ships

by Jonathan Eastland


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Used Book. Hardcover. Dust jacket included. Good condition.

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The Romance of Tall Ships provides the perfect introduction to the magnificent world of the sailing ship, explaining its continuing appeal and importance today. However, Jonathan Eastland does not ignore their glorious past, with tales of the famous China clipper tea trade of the 19th century, the Cutty Sark’s record-breaking speed of 17.5 knots and the tragic fate of the many ships which founded in storms or on rock-strewn coasts.

The design of the tall ships is also examined in detail, supported by some excellent diagrams and photographs. The rigs and rigging – the vessels’ masts, spars, and sails – are described and the changes explained as ships grew in size, and sailing ship decoration is also covered. This naturally emphasizes the design and use of figureheads, a custom that probably grew from a desire to encourage friendly guiding spirits to take up residence on the ship.

Today tall ships are sailing again, kept in excellent condition by committed governments, private individuals, corporate sponsorship, and the unstinting help of many volunteers. These glorious sailing ships now form the backbone of the floating museums scattered world wide, work as training ships for naval cadets, or simply provide youngsters with the chance to enjoy the sailing experience of a lifetime. The Romance of Tall Ships illustrates all these roles with a superb collection of photographs and even allows a glimpse into the future and the sailing ship of the twenty-first century.